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Title Author
A Lament Bill Hancock
A Toast to Absent Friends Exile (2007)
A Voice From Stanley Mills John Campbell (1863)
Arkwrights Stanley Mill Exile
Camsie....A Fond Farewell Exile (2015)
Christmastime in Stanley  Exile
Clarkies Anon
Feeling Important Saxon White Kessinger (1959)
Friendship Exile (2001)
God Bless Jim Shaw Exile
Jock Cowan's Bothy Ballad circa 1950 Anon
New Year in Stanley circa 1952  Exile
Oh Seven Oh Seven Exile (2007)
Our Kate Yvonne Fraser
Oor Wullie Connie Adamson
Loo Lament   Anon
Stan The Cock o' The North   Mac McPherson (2008)
Stan The Cock o' The North  Part 2 Mac McPherson (2008)
Stan The Cock o' The North  Part 3 Mac McPherson (2008)
Stanley 1879 Will Harrow (1879)
Stanley Gala Day Anon
Stanley Parish Steeple James Ferguson (Nisbet Noble)
Tam the Chancer Anon
The Auchtergaven Bodysnatchers Exile (2003)
The Auld Brae Well    James Ferguson (Nisbet Noble)
The Auld Kirk Steeple James Ferguson (Nisbet Noble)
The Bakers Tale Exile
The Boat o' Burnmou'  Campsie Linn
The Byre circa 1953 Exile (1998)
The Constable's Tale Exile (2012)
The Curly Puddick Exile
The Eleven O'Clock Bus Exile
The Landlord's Tale Exile (2007)
The Lass From Ballathie's Revenge   Anon (1650)
The Last o' The Donny-Wully's Exile
The Minister's Tale Exile (2012)
The Pitlochry Four Ball Part 1 Exile
The Pitlochry Four Ball Part 2 Exile
The Red Hackle Anon
The Stanley Poem Exile (1995)
The Tinkers Tale Exile (2012)
Toodle Puddle - A tribute to Geordie Stewart Alistair Shiach (2008)
Wee Bella  James Ferguson (Nisbet Noble) (1892)
Wee Smeekie Passed Awa' Exile (2003)
Will we ever see your likes again? Exile (2012)