A Toast to Absent Friends


By Exile


On the occasion of Stanley Lodge 1262 Burns’ Supper 2007


While proposing this toast to absent friends

Please think of those who’d like to spend

This night wae’ us, getting fu’

At Stanley Lodge, 1262


Watered, fed and feeling merry

Not like some, indeed too many

Of those we loved, but can’t be here

To enjoy the haggis, the whisky and beer


Tae press the flesh an’ slap our backs,

Tae join in the patter, an’ enjoy the crack,

Wae friends amongst us, like all of you,

Assembled here at  Lodge 1262,


Our absent friends are always near,

They’re in our hearts, we hold them dear,

So on February 10th, 2007,

We’ll propose a toast, to meet them in heaven.


And to our Masonic Brethren, Brotherly love,

We’ll meet you in the Grand Lodge above,


Worshipful Master, Honoured Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please be upstanding,

And raise a glass as this night ends

And offer this toast “To Absent Friends”


Copyright Calluna Publishing