The Boat o'Burnmou'


By Campsie Linn


Here I lie baith high and dry 

An' sune will be forgot:

Here I wait to learn my fate,

A helpless broken boat.

I'm still in hope, and this I'll say

Ye Stanley folks tak' note:

It's drawing near election day,

When ye for the Council vote.

I've done guid service in my time, 

Which I'm willin' tae renew,

Should ye wish me back again

Tae my place at Burnmou'.

'Twas on a wild and wintry day,

The Tay rose mountains high,

I got a shock, my chain it broke,

So I doon the Tay did hie.

Ower the "Dam Dyke" I did toss,

An' through the "Cat Holes" passed,

Through the "Hells Hole" whirlpools

An' 'gainst the rocks I dashed,

Past "Inchbervie" and "Auld Nairne House",

An' Stanley's Mills an'a',

As I passed by Stanley toon

The "Auld Kirk Clock" struck twa.

Past "Summerhill" I drifted on,

Through the "Skellies" I did dig,

Still hurrying on, wi' mony a groan,

Till I reached "Auld Thistle Brig."

I windered as I drifted on

What is my fate tae be?

Will naebody try tae rescue me,

Ere I reach the sea?

Mile efter mile I floated on

Till Perth cam' in tae view,

I jinked thorugh the "Auld Brig,"

Bur was held up wi' the "New."

Here I lay util next day,

My fateful journey o'er,

Sae, efter some manoeuvring,

They towed me tae the "Shore."

Sae here I lie, baith high and dry,

A helpless broken boat;

Sae Stanley folks remember me

Ere ye cast ye'r vote.