To our many friends, our grateful thanks.


By Exile


Keep your feet on the ground as you travel through life,

Remain loyal to your kith and your kin,

Keep your eyes peeled, and your lips often sealed,

It’s a fast changing world that we’re in,


Remember the friends whose judgment you trust,

On whose values you place so much store,

With those you have quaffed, and with those you have laughed,

‘Till your ribs and your belly were sore,


Travelling through life is like being at sea,

Too easily you can lose your direction,

Too much vanity, greed, wrongful sowing of seed,

Are all part of mans imperfection,


And we ask for forgiveness, for these are our sins,

They can burn like a festering sore,

Thank goodness for friends, who help make amends,

And help us enjoy life once more,


But with friends that we trust we are never alone,

They are priceless, worth their weight in gold,

They are part of our lives, our friends and their wives,

Friendship’s valued more as you grow old.


Copyright Calluna Publishing 2001