Will we ever see your likes again?

(Nostalgic ramblings of a semi–deranged ‘local’ 50 years removed)

By Exile


They used to spin fine cotton
In buildings proud and tall
Now there’s no cotton mill at all
The buildings are still standing
(Unlike the Temperance Hall)
The word “Museum” says it all

Spinners, weavers
Refuge for school leavers
Will we ever see your likes again?
No mill workers
Discarded every one
While speculators ‘cut and run’

 A railway station stood here
Great steam trains belching smoke
Delivering coal and fish and folk
No buildings now, just silence
No coal yards as before
It’s not a junction anymore

Station Masters
Signalmen and porters
Will we ever see your likes again
No rail workers
No Station to define
Just a signal box on the Highland line

The village proudly boasted
Skilled men and artisans
Articulating minds and hands
There used to be four churches
Just two are left today
Losing faith with Christianity?

Cabinet Makers
Chimney sweeps and slaters
Will we ever see your likes again
Congregations declining
Spiritual direction’s gone
Do you still blame the man in Rome?

Ten shops have long ceased trading
Supermarket stores hold sway
While online shopping’s here to stay
The Publicans have flourished
More prosperous than before
Perhaps that evens up the score?

Grocers, drapers
Butchers, bankers, bakers
Will we ever see your likes again
 Landlords are laughing
All the way to the bank
Do they have the Bookies’ Runner to thank?

  Copyright Calluna Publishing 2012