Dedicated to Mr and Mrs Samuel

King Street, Stanley


on the loss of their only and much-beloved 

Daughter "Wee Bella"


Our little one sleeps !

And Naturu untiring vigil keeps

Over her head where the wild flowers wave

And the soft winds marmer above her grave

The requiem that the earth and the heavens have heard

Hymned o'er the dead, in sorrow and tears

By land and by sea, through unnumbered years.

Since the sword of death was bared.


Our little one sleeps, and the hot tears fall

As we know that no longer she'll hear our call

In the Courts of Time.  That no more we'll hear

Her voice in music fall on the ear.

But her presence is near us still; and we seem

To hear her feet tripping too and fro

O'er the silent floor.  But we wake to know

To know it is only a dream.


Our little one sleeps !  Our own bonnie one !

We can scarce believe that our darling's gone.

When the sunlight falls on her empty chair,

It's rays seem the sheen of her golden hair.

And our hearts grow grit and we turn away,

And shrink from the light of the garish day;

And the stars that gleam in the midnight skies

Shine with the light of our little one's eyes;

And morning and evening look where we will,

We feel our bonny one near us still.


Our little one sleeps !  But while life is ours,

We will hear her voice in the silent hours,

And see her form and face where'er

We turn our steps in this world of care.

Hard was the parting, we grudged her sore

Although we knew she but went before

To the world beyond where Sorrows unknown,

To await our coming beside the Throne.

A few short years, and we'll meet our dead,

If we tread the path that all must tread

In Christian faith and on Christian feet

When time is no more, at the Mercy Seat.

* * * * * * * *

STANLEY 1892                                                                     JF


Doctor Andrew Thomson allowed me to scan the original document to publish on the website but unfortunately the captured image was poor as you'll see for yourself below..