Oh Seven Oh Seven    

By Exile

  (Can be sung to the tune ”For these are my mountains”)


Stanley’s my village, and there are my friends,

The place of my childhood, it calls me again,

There is a re-union, for one and for all,

On oh seven oh seven, we’re having a ball,


Oh wonderful Stanley, frae the ‘Rex’ tae the Mill,

Frae Willie Bowfs’ Benchil, o’er to Petries’ Hill

What wonderful creatures, ye spawned frae yer loins,

On Oh seven Oh seven, wae them we’ll re-join,


We’ve travelled far yonder frae the east tae the west,

We’re returning tae Stanley, the place we love best,

We’ve fought for our country, throughout countless years

Oh seven Oh seven will bring laughter and tears


Your sons and your daughters have scattered the world

The message frae Stanley is like a flag that’s unfurled

It’s like a great movement, frae some master plan

But we’re returning to Stanley, this is whaur it began


Remember your childhood, and look back wae pride

The parents whau made you, whau skelped your backside

The teachers who taught you, the right frae the wrong

I pay homage tae Stanley, that’s whaur I belong


I’ll never forget you, you’re part o’ me still

Frae the school at the cross roads, tae the back o’ the mill

I live for the future, but owe my life tae the past

Oh seven oh seven, I’m back home at last


Copyright Calluna Publishing 2007