The Last o’ the Donny-Wully's


By Exile


A sad farewell tae Donny, the last remaining Donny-Wully,

One o’ Stanleys notorious twins and son of legendary ‘Cully’,

He and his brother Wully, were an identical, inimitable pair,

They thought alike an' fought alike, went through life without care,


Aye they could fight like tigers, an’ they could drink like fish,

Arrive in Perth like angels an’ then go on the pish’,

Have a drunken disagreement, then a brutal bare-knuckle fight,

Then put their arms around each other, friends for the rest of the night,


Rebellious and wayward, were those hard working, hard living brothers,

But to their eternal credit they idolised their mother,

She never raised her voice tae' them, they did as they were told,

God bless you please Mrs Robertson, your twins were as good as gold,


The Store Street born identical twins whau no one could forget,

Progressed through life across the close from Effie and Jackie Tobit,

As schoolmates and teenagers they roamed wi’ my Uncle Wully,

The Robertson twins as bachelors died, the sons o’ well regarded Cully.


Copyright Calluna Publishing