Oor Wullie


By Connie Adamson


Near the little village Stanley

Stands a place called Gowrie Farm

The little man who lives there

Is as tall as my short arm


His second home is Tayside

He comes there ev’ry night

To drink Bacardi Cola

Until he gets quite tight


He likes a game of dominoes

Playing partners with the boss

And when his play’s not up to scratch

His pal can get quite cross


A tattie fermer is Our Wull

He keeps them in his loft

At times they’re there a bit too long

‘Cos the ones we get are soft


He went to sunny Spain one year

And nearly came a cropper and

Boy he had high jinks

When wearing only ankle socks

He landed in the brink


You’ve heard of the cat and the fiddle

And the cow who jumped over the moon

The dish didn’t do the running –

Wullie ran off with the spoon!!


On our TVs we have a choice

On 4 channels broadcast live

But Wullie brought one back from Spain

And called it Channel Five!!


To tell us when it’s time to close

In the lounge we’re never stuck

‘Cos Wullie comes in bang on time

When it’s eleven o’clock