Stanley 1879

   A poem dated the 2nd August 1879 written by

Will Harrow, The Village Poet

(thanks to Connie Adamson for this)


Sirs, this has been an awfu’ summer

A soor an’ sulky sunless summer

The earth wi’ rain is fair confoondit

If this hauds on we’ll a’ be droondit

Fine weather this for snails and slugs

An’ swans, an’ geese and deuks frogs

An’ a that thrive in pools and bogs

But no sae guid for fowk and flees,

Emmocks, gowlocks, birds and bees

Shawin neeps, or makin’ hay

This summer, fegs is na child’s play

Nae wonder though fowk raise their bristles

When a’ things gaen to pigs and whistles

The sodden fields a’ soor an’ wet

The Tories rinnin’ intae debt

An a’ thing in a Tory muddle

Imperial, Beaconfieldism puddle