Ae efternn as I chanced tae stray

Doon the brae tae see the Tay

Passing by the auld Brae Well

The auld kirk hammer struck its bell

Windering wha the time would be

I looked at my watch twas ten past three

That clocks gaen daft I said to masel

When the clock replied your daft yourself

Astonished at this quaint reply

I looked upon the clock on high

And saw its big hand gi a shack

And heard it say “Come gies your crack”

I then sat doon upon the brae

Tae hear what it would really say

My worthy freend it then began

You really think yourself a man

But you’ve little cause tae hae complain

And say that I gaen insane

Mans days are numbered friend tak heed

I’ll be a clock when your lang deed

And freend when you become my age

You’ll be but a blot on history’s page

Now there’s my freend the factory bell

I hear its tingle now and then

As lassies late run doon the brae

Look up at me disdainfully

Wi’ a touch of pity in their ee’

As if to say haud on a wee

Baker MacFarlane looked after me for mony a year

Oiled my wheels and wouned my gear

The late Post Master followed him

And with his engineering skill

The Bakers place he weel did fill

Now Andra the Beadle tends to me

And tends me well you will agree

And that generous firm fae doon the brae

Adds something extra to his pay

Many of our youths went near and far

Some alas went to the war

There they bravely fighting fell

Wha played as laddies round the well

Then to the public I do say

Thanks for raising something for their memory

Preserve that spot within the dell

Tae him wha sang its praise so well

Tae wha found lifes ways gie hard

Jimmy Ferguson the unhonoured Bard

There’s another thing on Saturday night

Beneath your braw electric light

Some drouthy cronies meet

At the foot o’ Charlotte Street

There drinking doubting and quarrelling

Till well near twel when my hammer strikes the bell

Wi’ some respect for the Sabbath day

Each ane hameward makes his way

But, Andra lad during the war

When you were serving in Bendalls Bar

Mony’s a poor rejected loon

I’ve seen gaen staggering yont the toun

This I couldna stand nae longer

My patience it had turned tae anger

So up I got and shook masel

Wi that the hammer struck the bell

I resolved to tell you people

About your freend the auld Kirk Steeple.