Jock Cowan’s Bothy Ballad   circa 1950


To the memory of the late Jock Cowan, the only person I ever heard sing this song, normally after a ‘modicum’ of OVD rum! This ditty never failed to amuse me or indeed to increase Jock’s blood pressure, for he would sing this with great energy and gusto, and without stopping to take breath!!




I sell green peas, split peas, ham bones and laces,

Plum duff, mealy puddin, troosers without braces,

Ham, jam, powders for yer nose,

Doctor Shaws cushions fer straitening oot yer toes

Stout, beer, paraffin and spirits,

Rat poison, moose traps, nanny goats an’ ferrets,

Hair brushes, Teeth paste, needles an’ pins,

And vanishing cream for removing double chins.


Copyright Calluna Publishing 1996