Stanley Rifle Club - Office Bearers

1947 - Dr A H Hall appointed President
John Culbert Secretary/Treasurer
1948 - 1966 Dr A H Hall appointed President
John Culbert Secretary/Treasurer
Andrew Culbert appointed Match Secretary
1964 - Walter Mitchell appointed Match Secretary
1966 - 1980 Robert Davidson appointed President
1980 - 1983 Walter Mitchell appointed President
David McFarlane appointed Secretary/Treasurer
David Hynd appointed Match Secretary
John Culbert Secretary/Treasurer for 44 years
1983 - 2016 Sandy Allan appointed President
1987 - Jo-Ann Jolly appointed Secretary/Treasurer
1988 - M Pratt appointed Secretary/Treasurer
1990 - D Hynd appointed Secretary
D McFarlane appointed Treasurer (Sec & Match Sec amalgamated and Treasurer single post)
2011 - David Cummings appointed Treasurer
2016 - 2021 Ellen Hynd appointed President
2021 Stuart Milner appointed President
Thanks to Ellen Hynd for providing this info.  David McFarlane had previously provided it some years ago but I managed to delete the page in error when updating the website.


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Brian Blair wrote that he first joined the Rifle Club over 60 years ago in 1948.  At that time Doctor Hall was President but it was more of an Honorary position as he did not shoot. The Secretary/Treasurer was John Culbert, the Match Secretary was Andrew Culbert.  Old man Stewart was Range Officer and Fulton Lennon was Caretaker.  Other people like Alex Kyle, Joe Symon, Jim Patterson and one of the Davidson brothers served on the committee as needed.   Brian was at that time the youngest to win the Murray Cup, the handicap championship at 14 years old.  

Stanley used to have a team in every division in the Perthshire League and had won many division championships.  Brian remembers many of  the members:  Jim and Wull, the Pattersons from Luncarty.  Reg, Jim and Syd Bendall.  Sam, Bob, Fulton and Jock Lennon.  The two Davidsons.  Walt Mitchell.  Jim, Arthur and Andy Williamson.  Rab Jeffrey, Brian Taylor, Bruce Culbert, just to name a few.  

The Stanley Boy Scouts won the Scottish Championship event and all they got was a medal. They were 3rd in the UK Championship that year but got no recognition for what we had done.  Finally, in 1950 Brian won the Scottish Junior  Championship.  In 1951 this win was repeated but the following year he was only runner up and is naturally very proud of these accomplishments.  He believes he is the only one from Stanley to win an individual championship.

He says the new range is very nice but does not have a very homely feeling to it unlike the old clubhouse where you hung up all your targets.  Good luck to the club.  An outdoor range is what you really need to keep up your membership all year long.   All the best, Brian Blair.  



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