Stanley School Dux Winners

Primary Dux Senior Boy Dux Senior Girl Dux
Session 1917-18 John Cameron
Session 1928-29 D Beatty Donaldson
1941 Alexandrina (Lexie) Coutts
1942 William Morrison
1943 Margaret Cameron
1945 Patricia Cameron Harry Blair Beth Kennedy
1946 William Hancock
1947 Brian Blair
1950 Ann Duff Brian Blair -
1951 John Cameron Frank Craig Sheila Winter
1952 Ronald Dempster Sidney Duncan Jean Blair
1953 Ronald Smith Saunders Laing Margaret Shiel
1954 Alan Lynch David Nicholson Janice Mitchell
1955 Alan S Wells Ian McArther Dorothy Milne 
1956 Catriona Greer Ronald Smith Helen Ruxton
1957 Sandy Wells John Morrison Grace McNaughton
1958 Rae Sutherland Ian McK Culbert Isobel Stevenson
1959 Kathryn Gourlay James Black Margaret McGowan
1960 Sheila Sutherland James Kennedy Margaret Baillie
1961 Lindsay Roy John McIntosh Elsie McCrorie
1962 Richard Cameron Alister Roy Dorothy Steven
1963 Andrew Toynton Ian S Wells Phyllis Morton
1964 Robert Toynton Graham A Northcott Pauline Fertacz
1965 Ian E Cameron Frederick McKerchar Moira A Stark
1966 Brian A McLean Nicholas Greszczuk Dorothy M Johnson
1967 Eileen S Scott A Murray Ewan June McNicoll
1968 Christine E Scott Peter Greszczuk Avril E West
1969 Iain N Reid George Greszczuk -
1970 Marjorie A Culbert - Elizabeth C Mann
1971 Angela Burns Kenneth Amer Susan Amer
1972 Clair A Philips - Margaret G Kilgour

From 1969 there was only one Secondary Dux Medal awarded instead of Senior Boy/Girl.   In 1972 when the school reverted back to being a Primary School the award of a Dux Medal ceased altogether.  Could be wrong but this was most probably the inception of the namby pamby brigade into education when it was thought improper or immoral to have winners and losers in case it offended little Johnny or Jane and caused them lasting psychological damage.



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