Stanley School Photos 25

  Picture 1 - 1960's

  Picture 2 - 1960's (thanks to Jack Ford for this photo)

  Picture 3 - 1960's (thanks to Elizabeth Roy for this photo)

  Picture 4 - 1960's (thanks to Marion Kennedy for this photo)

Back: Werner Reiche then Fred McKerchar,  David Green and Ian Lennon extreme right.  2nd Back row:  Ann Fertacz 3rd  from right.  Front row:  don't know.  Sitting:  ??, Johnny Davidson, George Cowie, ? McMorrin, ??, Billy O'Brien, Harry Lennon, ??.

Back: L to R  ??, Sandy McConnell, Andy Brown, Colin Kerr, Glenn Ford, Gary Campbell, Roger Kyle, ??, Kenny Reid.  Middle:  Charlie Menzies, ??, Pat Allen, Rhona Runciman, ??, Linda Rennie, Miggie Lennon, ??, Dave West.  Front:  ??, Wilma Gowrie, ??, Anne Buchan, Josie Thom, Marjory Culbert, Margo Leckie, Donna Leckie, Charlotte Morton.  Sitting: Willie Stevenson, Les Norris, ??, Lorne Gill, ??, Allan Ferguson (thanks to Willie Stevenson for the names).  

Back. L to R:  George Greszczuk, Brian McLean, John Reid, Duncan Lennon, Leslie Allan, Ian McLean, Ally Buchan.  Middle: Allan Reid, Neil Fenton, John Morton, Graham Reid, Malcolm Pratt, Rodney McMorran,  David Armstrong, Billy Graham.  Front:  Edna Anderson, Anne Sheene, Elizabeth Hutchison, Jennifer McConnell, Anne Lennon, Yvonne Dickson, Gail Lakie, Agnes Lewis.

Back L to R: ??, ??, A Robertson, ??, G Lennon, ??, D Stewart, ??, ??.  Middle: A O'Brien, ??,      L Smith, ??, ??, J Sim, ??, I Reid, ??, C McLean.  Font:  M Gill, M Edwards, J Moran, ??, C Shaw, ? Myles, ??, B Morton, A Hutchison, L Mitchell.  Sitting:  ??, ??, ??, ??, M Sime, R Kennedy, ??.