Stanley School Photos 7

  Picture 1 - 1947 (thanks to Peter Panton for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1949 (thanks to Peter Cameron for this photo)

  Picture 3 - 1949-50 (thanks to Rab Jeffrey for this photo)

  Picture 4 - 1940's? (thanks to Brian Blair for this photo)

Back:  L to R:  David Scott, Ian Smith, Eric Anderson, Peter Panton, J Stewart, John Cameron, S Liddle, G Thompson, D Crichton.  Middle:  Jean Graham, Sylvia Howie, E Mitchell, M McCallum, F McNicoll, J McKay, N May, Margaret Winter.  Sitting:  M Cramb, Edna Donaldson, Cathy Whytock, Norma Dickson, Fay Simpson, M Carmichael, M Angus.  

Back: L to R:  Alistair McLennan, Karl McKerchar,  Norrie Collier, Geordie Stewart, Rodney McInroy, Raymond Robertson, Jimmy Blyth, ??. Middle:  ??, Alan Wells, Leonard Guy,  Peter Cameron, Jimmy Devine, Billy Smith. Ian Culbert. Peter Jack.  Front: ??, Norma Fraser, Kathleen Cameron, Susan Millar, Audrey McKerchar, Sandra Scott, Ann Dunbar, Margaret Merchant. 

Back: L to R  George Anderson (Curries Farm),  might be Johnny (Ian) Johnston Bankfoot, Ronnie Smith (Murray Place), Bob Shepherd (Murthly), Will Peters (Glendelvine), John Shedden (County Place), John Meiklejohn (Murthly), Puck Hardy (Bankfoot) maybe.  2nd Back row:  George O'Brien (Manse Cres), Rab Jeffrey (Manse Cres),  Rab  McKinlay (Murray Place), Isobel Carr (Bankfoot), Jessie Watson (Bankfoot), Brian Blair (Garage), Bill Graham.  Front Row:  Peggy May (Store St), Isobel Shepherd (Murthly), Violet Thom, Emily Robertson (Bankfoot), Chrissie McNaughton (Bankfoot Rd), Betty Mitchell (Bankfoot Rd), Isa Wardlaw (Benchil), Jessie McNaughton (Murray Pl), Mary Spey (Murthly).  Sitting:  Maurice Anderson (Taymount), Peter Stewart (Murray Place), Rab Mitchell (Murthly), George McDonald (Bankfoot), Barry McHardy (King St) (perhaps)

In this photo is Fred Brodie, George McKinlay, Duncan McKerchar, Andy Wallace and Jimmy Goodall on the extreme right of the back row.  In the middle of the front row is Jean Blair.  Brian can't recall the year or the other names.  Can you help?