Reunion Photos 31

  Picture 1 - 07.07.07 (thanks to Muriel Scotland (nee Crawford for these two photos)

  Picture 2

  Picture 3 - Reunion Dance

  Picture 4 - Reunion Dance (Thanks to John Morrison for this photo)

 David Jeffrey, Will Maclean, Fiona (McConnell) Maclean, Jean (Smith) Lowe.

Back:  Mrs Lawrence, Sandy Lawrence (Bankfoot), Lesley (Macdonald) Young, Andy Young, & Chic McDonald.

Frances Fordyce (nee Donaldson) and an old schoolfriend Dawn Suart who travelled from Los Angeles California for 070707.

Jock Fordyce, Frances Fordyce (nee Donaldson) & Les Allan at the 070707 dance.