Stanley People Photos 94

  Picture 1 - 1950's (thanks to Jo-Anne Jolly for these two photos)

  Picture 2 - 1950's

  Picture 3 - 2020

  Picture 4 - 5th August 2020 (thanks to Gordon Howie for this photo)

Helen Lennon. Mum of Jo-Anne Jolly (nee Lennon).  Stanley people of a certain age will remember Helen who was a conductor on McLennan's buses.

Mrs Agnes Lennon (nee Breton) with granddaughter Jo-Anne Jolly (nee Lennon)

Ivan Haggart pictured in his home in Toronto preparing for the Toronto Rugby Club annual Burns Night held at the University of Toronto's Hart House.

Two Stanley boys enjoying the weather, wine....and swinging the lamp in Gordon Howie's garden in Kent.