Stanley People Photos 93

  Picture 1 - 1930's (thanks to Nan Tait for these three photos)

  Picture 2 - 1950's

  Picture 3 - 1951

The late Mary Duff at a fancy dress party in the 1930's.  This photo possibly taken outside Wattie Wilks' house in East Brougham Street which was destroyed by fire many years ago and has now been rebuilt.  This assumption is probably correct because the Stanley Village Hall was just across the street. 

Badminton Drive to Arbroath.  L to R:  Marie Scott, Willie Baxter, Muriel Patterson, ??, Jimmy Currie, Captain Scott.

Stanley Badminton Club 1951.  L to R:  Ladies runner up Mrs Phillips.  Gents Champion Ian Brown.  Ladies Champion Mary Duff.  Gents runner up John Sheddon.