Stanley Mill Photos 6

  Picture 1 - Mill Power Station     (thanks to Ewan Carr for

  Picture 2 - Maintenance crew        these 3 photos)

  Picture 3 - Retirement presentation

  Picture 4 - Prince Charles visit (thanks to Kate Gairns for this photo) 

    Willie Carr showing a visitor to the Control Panel of the new Power Station at the Stanley Mills .

Willie Carr is front right in this photo with the maintenance men for the power station for the mill.  During the summer the sluice gates were closed at the tunnel entrance (the back mine) and maintenance of the tunnel fabric and/or the grills, the tail race, turbines etc was carried out. Without power the Mills  must have been closed down during this period.

Willie Carr making a retirement presentation to the Mill Manager in 1931.  I can see a young Charlie Millar standing behind the lady on the left.  Mrs Phyllis Culbert will try and provide the other names soon.

Prince Charles checks out the re-development of the Mill.