Stanley School Photos 34

  Picture 1- 1970's (thanks to Kerwin Stephen for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1970's (thanks to Marion Kennedy for this photo)

  Picture 3 - 1977 - Primary 2

  Picture 4 - 1970's (thanks to Mrs Elsie Donaldson for this photograph)

Back:  Derek Halley, James Gouch, Michael Campbell, Jeff Moran, Kerwin Stephen, Fergus Mitchell, Stuart Grant, Donald Grant, Gordon Myles.  Middle:  Jennifer Ritchie, Isobel Johnson, Margaret Bacik, Elaine Stewart, Nicola Whytock, Nan Morton, Nicola Dunbar, Ruth Anderson, Sheena McFarlane, Linda Reid,  Lorna McGillvray.  Front: Isobel Myles, Rosie Bendall, Susan Reid, Shirley Sime, ??, Claire Wiliamson, Kathryn Bremner, ??, Barbara ?, Moira Lakie, ??, Theresa Ferry.  Sitting:  William Munro, ??, Les Sime.

Back. L to R:  No names except D Stewart extreme right.   Middle:  No names.  Front:  ??, ??, ??, D Hughes, ??, M Edwards, ??, ??, R Kennedy ??.

Back: Debbie Lumsden, Aileen Robertson. Alan Cairns, Julia Munro, David McCall, Jane Munro, Scott Lennon, Careen Fraczek. Front: Margo Johnston, Steven Brodie, Lee-Anne Sweet, Craig Harley, Wayne Warden, Sharon Reiche, Colin Simpson, Audrey Graham.

Need help with some names here.  In the back row extreme right is the janitor David Jeffrey then Mrs Harvey and extreme right is the School Secretary Elsie Donaldson. Middle row:  Mrs Reid extreme left and Mr Dunbar 3rd right.  Front row:  Extreme left is Miss Wordsworth then centre is Mr Munro the Headmaster and Miss Chalmers is two along on his left.