Stanley School Photos 33

  Picture 1- 1970's (thanks to Kerwin Stephen for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1971 (thanks to Marion Kennedy for this photo)

  Picture 3 - 1970's ?

  Picture 4 - 1970's ?

Back:  Derek Halley, James Gouch, Michael Campbell, Jeff Moran, Kerwin Stephen, Fergus Mitchell, Stuart Grant, Donald Grant, Gordon Myles.  Middle:  Jennifer Ritchie, Isobel Johnson, Margaret Bacik, Elaine Stewart, Nicola Whytock, Nan Morton, Nicola Dunbar, Ruth Anderson, Sheena McFarlane, Linda Reid,  Lorna McGillvray.  Front: Isobel Myles, Rosie Bendall, Susan Reid, Shirley Sime, ??, Claire Wiliamson, Kathryn Bremner, ??, Barbara ?, Moira Lakie, ??, Theresa Ferry.  Sitting:  William Munro, ??, Les Sime.

Back: L to R:  R Kennedy, D Hughes rest not known. Middle: Don't know.  Front: ??,  ? Myles, ??, ??, ? Menzies, ??, ??, J Moran, ??, M Edwards.

Any details?

Any details?