Stanley School Photos 28

 Picture 1 - 1960's

 Picture 2 - 1967/68

 Picture 3 - 1965/66

 Picture 4 - 1960's?

Teacher - Miss Carr. I can see Alan Morton in the back row.  Patricia Northcott, Moira Blyth and Eileen Scott in the second row and Pamela West in the front row.  Can you help with other names/class/date?

Back row: L to R Shirley Sime, Nan Morton, Kerwan Stephen, Yvonne Gibb, Ian Stewart, Susan Pratt, Lorna McGillvray.  Front row: L to R Isobel Myles, Marlene Lennon, Gordon Myles, ??, ??, Margaret Barchek, Rosie Bendall, Lesley Duff.  (Thanks to Gillian Tissell nee Duff for the names)

Back row: L to R  Alex O'Brien?, Robin Hogg, Ivan Hogg,  Roy Mitchell, John Thom, Ian Gibb, Alan Morton, Richard ?, ??, ??.  2nd Back row:  June Carson, Alison Seaton, ??, ??, Isobel McLauchlan, Moira Blyth, Pat Northcott, Eileen Scott, Sheila McLean, Louise Duff.  2nd Front Row:  ??, ??, Yvonne Lakie, Shirley Stevenson, Pamela West, ?, Linda Carson, Jackie Thom, ??, Christine Scott, ??. Sitting:  Derek Pratt, ??, ??, Billy Crawford, Martin Buchan, Dougie Reid, ??,  (Thanks to Gillian Tissell nee Duff for the names)

Names/class/year please?