Stanley School Photos 18

 Picture 1 - 1960-61

 Picture 2 - 1960's

 Picture 3 - 1960 (thanks to Donna Farquharson for this photo)

 Picture 4 - 1963 (thanks to Jane Murray for this photo)

Back: Miss Paterson, Miss Lowe, Mr Coutts, Miss Miller, Mr Dunbar, Miss Ogilvie, Mr Reid, Miss McDonald, Davy Jeffrey.  Front: Mrs Elsie Donaldson, Miss Hepburn, Mr Mitchell, Miss Chalmers, Mr Beaton (Headmaster), Miss Carr, Mr Munro, Miss Fairweather, Miss Henderson.   (thanks to Nan Tait for the names)

Primary School Teachers - Miss Carr sitting centre and Miss Miller on her right.  

Donna Farquharson with her School Certificates and Primary 7 Sports Trophy.


Jane Murray aged 13.