Stanley School Photos 3

  Picture 1 - 1930's (thanks to  Muriel Ford for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1936 (thanks to Ewan Carr for this photo)

  Picture 3 - 1936 (thanks to Marion Kennedy for this photo)

  Picture 4 - 1939 (thanks to Eric Evans for this photo)

Second row 4th from left Muriel Bendall (Ford) and far right in the same row is Helen Lennon.  Bottom right is Alistair Scott.  More names to follow.

Stanley School 1936.

Back.  L to R:  J Pratt, J Melville, W Angus, J Tobitt, J McLean, K Paul, ?Grieve, A Williamson, D  Smith, ? Stewart, ? Stewart, I Cowans.  Middle:  R Lennon, D Robertson, A Wiliamson, D Bendall, H Todd, E Taylor, J Thompson, M Panton, B Coutts, J Kettles, S Carrie, J Ford.  Front:  M Panton, E Lennon, D Marshall, M Clark, B Kennedy, R Thompson, J Douglas, R Angus.

Back L to R: Eric Evans, Jim Dowe, ??, James Haggart, Billy Graham, Andy Williamson, Billy Smith, Freddie Pirie.  Middle:  ??, ??, Anne Phillips, Helen Hancock, ??, ??, ??, Ian Clark.  Front:  Mary McNaughton, Jessie McNaughton, Maisie McKinlay, ??, ??, Sheena McKerchar, Violet Panton, ??,  Sitting: J(?) Adamson, John Shedden.