Stanley School Photos 2

  Picture 1 - 1920's??   (thanks to Graham Buchanan for photos 1 and 2)

  Picture 2 - 1929

  Picture 3- 1920's (thanks to Phyllis Culbert for this photo)

  Picture 4 - 1912


Stanley School 1929.

Back:  L to R  ? Birse, Willie Burns, ? Carswell, ? Gourlay, ? Smith, ??, Sid Cargill, Alex Birse, Archie Robb.  Middle:  Bert Cargill, Jock McKerchar, ??, Sandy Smith, Alex Kyle, Bert Stewart, Peter (Puggit) Stewart, Alf Gourlay, ??, George Cowie.  Front:  Kathleen Donaldson, Bella Samuel, Isobel Duncan, Jessie Christie, Phyllis Culbert, Nan Kyle, Betty McPherson, Isobel Carr, Jean Carmichael, Anna Thom, Peggy Taylor. Sitting:  Bradley Thomas, Harry Johnson, Cathy Lynch, Jenny Ross, Bethia Sinclair, Jock McKerchar, ? Evans.  (Come on now!  Mrs Culbert can remember most of the names of her classmates from 80 years ago yet we're struggling to put names to faces from more recent times).