Stanley School Sports Photos 8

 Picture 1 - Football Team 1959 (thanks to Jo-Anne Jolly for these 4 photos)

 Picture 2 - Reilly Cup Winners  1962

 Picture 3 - Inter School Sports Winners 1962

 Picture 4 - Inter School Sports Winners 1962

Doctor Stalker (Murthly Hospital) presenting the cup to James Lennon with the Headmaster Roderick C Beaton on his left then Jimmy Cromb, Tony Ross, James Lennon, Ian Wells, Neil Donaldson, Mike Fertacz, Brian Mitchell, Stewart Halley (front) David Lennon (back), Gordon Lennon  and Dod Jolly.  

Back:  Tony Ross, Cammy Hughes, David Lennon, Dod Jolly, Ernie Welsh, Stuart Paton.  Front: Tommy Ford, Ally Roy, James Lennon, Brian Mitchell, Gordon Lennon.

Back: Ian Fraser, Ann Stocks, Donna Farquharson, Tommy Ford, David Duncanson, Ernie Welsh, Gordon Lennon, James Lennon, Norman Lakie, Ann Gourlay, Stella McKerchar, David Tait, ??. Front:  Brian Mitchell, Marlene Douglas, Kathleen Lennon, Phyllis Morton, Eugenia Wolk, Moira McDonald, ?? Dod Jolly.

Back:  Ernie Welsh, Tommy Ford, , Gordon Lennon, David Duncanson, Norman Lakie, Ian Fraser. Middle: Ann Gourlay, Lorna McGregor, ?? Dod Jolly, Brian Mitchell, Donna Farquharson, ??.  Front:  Marlene Douglas,  Kathleen Lennon, Phyllis Morton, Ann Stocks, James Lennon, Stella McKerchar, Eugenia Wolk.