Reunion Photos 21

  Picture 1 - 07.07.07  (thanks to Mary Rennie for these four photos)

  Picture 2 - 

  Picture 3 -

  Picture 4 -

Maisie Robertson (nee McKinlay), former Provost, Bob Scott, Ally Sturrock and the 07.07.07 Vice Chairman  in the background keeping an eye on things!

Maisie Robertson (nee Mckinlay) and Ally Sturrock.  Maisie was the Stanley School Girls Sports Champion 3 years in a row - 1946, 1947 and 1948.  This has never been repeated - nor is it likely to be.

Mr & Mrs Lee who were among the invited VIP's on the day.

Kate Gairns and Jean McCabe (nee Carmichael).