Reunion Photos 18

  Picture 1 - Reunion Dance Ticket

  Picture 2 - 07.07.07 Committee (these 3 photos taken by Ian Forbes -

  Picture 3 - 07.07.07 Committee  professional photographer and ex Percy St resident)

  Picture 4 - 07.07.07 Committee

Reunion Dance Ticket.

07.07.07 Committee.  Photo taken at Graeme Buchan's house - "The Plantings".  L to R:  Peter Cameron, Chic MacDonald, Tam Moran, Graeme Buchan, Nan Tait, Margaret Kay, Calvin Strickland, Dawn (Donella Firth) Harbison, Jimmy Davidson, Garland (Gar) Smith & Nick Whytock.  (Again I want to put on record a "well done" to the committee because although it may not have been obviously apparent to those attending on the day I do know how much work they had to put in, mostly  behind the scenes, to make the day a success and you'll see what I'm getting at if you read the Minutes of the 19 meetings they held). 

Details as above. (Brilliant view from your house Graeme).

This photo of the committee taken at the Mill.  L to R:  Peter Cameron, Graeme Buchan, Calvin Strickland, Chic MacDonald, Jimmy Davidson, Donella (Dawn Harbison) Firth, Margaret Kay, Garland (Gar) Smith, Nan Tait, Nick Whytock & Tam Moran.