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Peter Panton meets Ronnie Allan at 070707. In the background L to R are Sheena Morton, Peggy May, May Mitchell, Sandra Scott and Dick Smith.

Peter Cameron and John Morrison get their hands on the the Tulliebelton Cup again. (Wee story behind this one from Peter).  Johnny Mo was captain and we won the final at Murthly.  Mo & I were told to meet the Redgorton Headmaster at The Gate. (They didn't say which gate)  We were at the Wilk's Garage gate, he went out the Railway Crossing gate and Johnny Mo & I were left to walk home in the dark with the Tulliebelton Cup!  There was a reception outside the school from all the supporters, parents, pals etc.for nine of the players.  No cars in these days and nobody thought of coming to look for us.  We got home about eleven o'clock to very worried parents.  The next time that Johnny Mo & I, and the Tulliebelton Cup,  were to meet up was 07/07/07 in Mackie's room at the Re-Union, and Johnny's wife took a picture of the three of us.  Rumour has it that the Tulliebelton Cup had a lid and was stored in a wooden box.  When you're a wee laddie and you're knackered after a cup final, carrying fitba' boots, a match ball, a trophy with a lid and a wooden box, for 3 - 4 miles, something has to be ditched.  Rumour has it that the lid and the wooden box are somewhere in the ditch between Brooner's Farm and Drummondhall Farm! 

Nan Tait Secretary of 070707 committee helps prepare the school for the Reunion.

Three of the 070707 committee members help to prepare the school for the Reunion.  L to R:  Nick Whytock Donella (Dawn Harbison) Firth & Tam Moran.