Stanley at play Photos 20

  Picture 1 -  1959  Primary 2 (thanks to Ray Northcott and Bob Toynton for this photo)

Back row L to R:  Ronald Northcott, Rita Kichak Rhoda Duncanson, Murray Ewen.  2nd Row:  Lesley Macdonald, Bruce Millar, Ann Myles, Yvonne Robertson, Brenda Taylor, Tommy Welsh.   3rd Row:  Stella Ross, Evelyn Gill, Sandra Dunbar, Hamish Brown, Fiona Bruce, Ingrid Stevenson, Juanita Cowan.  Front Row:  David Ruxton(?),  Edna McKerchar, Muriel Crawford, Avril West, Helen Edwards, Robert Toynton. (thanks to Juanita Anderson (Cowan) and Bruce Millar for help with the names.