Stanley at play Photos 15

  Picture 1 - 1965  (thanks to Mary & Abby Duff for these four photos)

  Picture 2 - 1963-64

  Picture 3 - 1969 ?

  Picture 4 - 1970-71

Ruth & Bobby Brown with Stanley Brownie Pack outside Perth City Hall.  No need to tell you that they were residents of Stanley at that time when Bobby was Saints Manager.  He then moved to the Scotland Manager's job.

Brownies Concert.  Starting at the back  L to R:  Caroline Brown, Mary Davidson, Ruth Brown, Anne Young, Isobel Myles. Susan Anderson, Moira Blyth, Jenny McConnell, ? Hutchison, Isobel McLauchlan, Verona Brown, Agnes Lewis, Anne Skene, Catriona Brown, Pat Northcott, Laura Mudie, Lorraine Budge, Louise Duff, ? Hutchison, Linda Carson, Sheila McLean, Linda Mitchell, Margot Young, Pam West, ? Bryce, June Carson, Erna Anderson, ? Hutchison, ? Dunbar, Betty Skene, ? Brown, Ena Young, Catriona Muirhead. 

1st Stanley Guide Company. Winners of the Mrs Clerk-Rattray Memorial Quaich in Class 11 Girl Guides Festival.  Back:  L to R:  Alison Seaton, ? Dunnett, Sheila McLean, Irene or Janette Burns. Front:  Diana Munro, Eleanor Whyte, ? McIntosh, Valerie Shaw, ? Ferry, Gill Duff.

1st Stanley Guide Company.  Back.  L to R:  Alison Seaton, Isobel McLauchlan, Eileen Scott. Middle: Sheila McLean, Barbara Morton, Christine Scott.  Front: Louise Duff, ? McIntosh, Cynthia Shaw, Agnes Lewis.