Stanley at play Photos 11

 Picture 1 - Perthshire Music Festival

 Picture 2 - Perthshire Music Festival 1960's

 Picture 3 - Perthshire Music Festival 1960's

 Picture 4 - Brownies (thanks to Aileen Gannon for this photo)

Names and year please

I can see Moira Blyth in the back row and Pamela West and Eileen Scott in the front row.  Any more names please?

Moira Blyth extreme right in back row and Caroline Myles extreme right in front row.  Any more names please?

Back   L to R.  Susan McCall, ??, ??, Vicky Simpson.  Front row:  ??, Lesley Allan,  Aileen Gannon, Mandy Stevenson, Trudie Ford. (thanks to Malcolm Fyfe for the names).