Stanley at play Photos 5

 Picture 1 - Perthshire Music Festival 1950's

 Picture 2 - Perthshire Music Festival 1959

 Picture 3 - Brownies at Camp late 40's

 Picture 4 - End of Term School Concert 1955/56 

Back:  Fay Campbell, Margaret McCafferty, Jeanette Davidson, Betty Smith, Annie Scott, ??.  Front:  Sophie Brown, Karen Scorgie, Sheena Morton, Frances Donaldson

Front Row: Extreme left Maureen Farquharson, extreme right Anna Green and next to her Evelyn Menzies. 4th from right Lydia Lach. Second from front row:  2nd from  right Margaret Collie, 3rd from right Janet Roy, 4th from right Anne McCallum (thanks to John Morrison for the names)

Brownies at camp late 40's or early 50's

Gloria McKinlay