Stanley at play Photos 4

 Picture 1 - Perthshire Music Festival 1950's

 Picture 2 - Perthshire Music Festival 1959

 Picture 3 - Perthshire Music Festival 1959

 Picture 4 - Perthshire Music Festival (?)

Back L to R:  Caroline Scorgie, Annette Martin, Jean McIntosh, Helen Ruxton, Anne McDonald.  Front:  Gloria McKinlay, ??, Margaret Blyth, Dorothy Milne, Gwen McWalter.  (thanks to Margaret Craig (Blyth) for the names).

L to R:  Sophie Brown, Anna Green, ??,  Linda McWalter, Caroline Darling, Moira Thomson, Maureen Farquharson,  Norma Petrie.

Back:  ??, Linda McWalter, Sophie Brown, Anna Green,  Front: Maureen Farquharson, ??, Caroline Darling, Moira Thomson.

Miss Duncan, Anna Ruxton, Maureen Farquharson, Sophie Brown, Evelyn Menzies, Sandra Mitchell.