Stanley People Photos 90

  Pictures 1 - 4 (thanks to Tom Symon for these photos)

  Pictures 5 - 8

  Pictures 9 - 12

  Picture 13 - 1950's

 Top left: Mary Symon, Alex Kyle, Mary Kyle, Hazel Kyle.  Top right:  At the beach.  Mary Kyle, Alex Kyle, Mrs Maggie Kyle, Bob Boyce, Nan Boyce, Tom Symon, Mary Symon.  Bottom left:  ??, Joe Kyle (Senior), Mrs Margaret Kyle, Mary Kyle, ??, ?? in the garden of 42 King Street.  Bottom right:  Joe, Tom & Mary Simon circa 1944.

Top left:  Mary Kyle. Jenny Kyle ?? 1930's  Top right:  Mary Kyle on Nan Kyle's back 1930's  Bottom left:   Joe Kyle.  Bottom right:  Mary Symon with her mother Mrs Margaret Kyle outside 42 King Street.

Top left: Mary, Tom  and Joe Symon circa 1944.  Top Right: Mary Kyle, Alex Kyle, Mary Symon and Hazel Kyle in pram.  Bottom left: Tom Symon on the fight with his cousin Andrew Cochrane, the only son of Jenny Kyle who a few years later drowned in the River Tay at Perth (see below).  Bottom Right Tom Symon around 1952.