Stanley People Photos 70

  Picture 1 - 1940's (thanks to Mary Rennie for this photo)

  Picture 2 -2010

  Picture 3 - 2009

  Picture 4 - John McLauchlan now of Royal Oak Michigan USA

 The McNaughton family formerly of Newmill.  L to R:  Alex, Chic, George (Dod|), Mary (Rennie) & Danny.

WRI ladies who met Prince Charles recently.  L to R:  Isobel Hunter, Beth Kennedy, ??, ??, ??, Jenny Gill, ??, Mary Nicholl, Mary Duff & Ruby Mills. (full list of names to follow)

Annabel Gannon and Ruby Anderson making the acquaintance of a Mallaig local on a trip there in September 2009.

John McLauchlan who was born in Stanley in 1914 and emigrated to the USA at the age of 8 years with his mother.  John is now 96 years old and lives in Royal Oak Michigan.   His father, Peter McLauchlan was killed in WWI and his name is inscribed on the Stanley War Memorial.