Stanley People Photos 68

  Picture 1 - 1950 (thanks to Eric Evans for these two photos)

  Picture 2 - 1950's

  Picture 3 - 2010

  Picture 4 - 1959 (thanks to Mary Rennie for this photo)

Back row 5th from left Mrs Milne.  Front row  2nd left Mrs Cramb, Christie sisters , Lesley Coutts & Cathy Kettles.  Any more names?

WRI Choir taken in the Mill Canteen.  Back L to R:  Annie Dow, Mrs Bryson, Mrs Harvey, Sheila Winter, Ann Phillips, Greta Anderson, Mrs Doig, Beth Kennedy, Mary Phillips, Winifred Hutton, Mrs Mentiply, Alex Scott.  Front:  Irene Phillips, Mrs Cramb, Margaret Blake, Maggie Christie, Mrs Hutton, May Evans, Jess Christie, Mrs Coutts, Cathy Kettles.  (thanks to Beth Kennedy for the names).

Hilary Napier (Stevenson) pictured centre with Kinross Day Centre Staff recently.

Jean Brodie leaving Luncarty works having been dressed by her workmates prior to her wedding.  Also in this photo is Grace McNaughton, Jean McWalter, Peggy Gardiner and Fay Campbell.