Stanley People Photos 67

  Picture 1 - 2009 (thanks to Eric Evans for these four photos)

  Picture 2 - 1950's

  Picture 3 - 1950's

  Picture 4 - 1950's

 Eric Evans formerly of Russell Street is seen here 2nd left in the 1st row or 3rd left if you are counting across.

Dancers are May Evans and Mary Kyle.    Jean Stewart extreme right.

In this photo are Mrs Petrie, Mrs Ross, Mrs Firth, Mrs Wallace, Meg Hughes,  Mrs Winter, Mrs Panton, Mrs Simpson, Mrs McDonald, Margaret Carr, Miss Grant, Mrs Cramb, Mrs Bayne, Mrs Abbott, Jessie Christie, Mrs Bryson, Jean Munro, Mrs Mentiply, Mrs Paterson, Mrs Shepherd, Anne Mchardy, Mrs Templeman, Mrs Anderson, Lesley Coutts, Mrs McGregor, Sophie Brown,  Nellie Bayne, Mrs Mclean, Mrs Whammond, Mrs Murray, Mrs Coutts, Mrs Burns, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Evans, Annie McHardy, Mrs McKerchar, Mrs Kyle, Mrs Lennon, Mrs Harvey, Mrs Torbet, Mrs Carr, Mrs Hutton, Mrs Hughes, Nurse Robertson, Isobel Stein, Margaret Buchan,Miss Burntfield,  Helen Runciman, Susie Graham, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Morton, Mrs Carmichael, Jenny Burns, Jean Stewart, Phyllis Culbert, Jenny Gill, Sheila Stott, Bella Haimes, Cathy Kettles, Mrs Kilgour, Winifred Hutton, Maureen Taylor, Helen Robb, Mrs Harvey, Margaret Blake, Evelyn Lindores, Beth Kennedy, Catriona Simpson.

Back:  L to R:  Jean Stewart, ??, Beth Kennedy.  Middle row:  ??, ??, Miss McArthur, Mrs Robb, Mrs Evans, Mrs Haggart(?).  Front:  Mrs Harvey, ??, ??, Mrs Abbott, ??, Cathy Kettles, ??.