Stanley People Photos 66

  Picture 1 - 1950's (thanks to Donella (Dawn Harbison) Firth for these

  Picture 2 - 1950's  two photos)

  Picture 3 - 2009

  Picture 4 -2009

Walter Firth with his daughter Violet at her wedding in the Tower Church.  Bridesmaids are Donella Firth and Annette Graham.

The Firth family at the wedding of Violet and William Graham.  The wedding reception was held in the Village Hall which at that time was in East Brougham Street next door to Hobart House.

Alma Allan's retirement meal in the Tayside Hotel

Photo recently taken in the Strathord Inn  celebrating Edna Gourlay's birthday.  She is pictured here with her granddaughter Leigh and daughter Carol Mitchell.