Stanley People Photos 56

  Picture 1 - 1950's  (thanks to Kate Gairns for these three photos)

  Picture 2 - 1960's

  Picture 3 - 1960's

  Picture 4 - 1950's

 Margaret and Sheila Winter. 

Willie Baxter's Birthday Party at Gowrie Farm.  Back L to R:  Jean Stewart, John Culbert, Bert Haimes, Mrs Moncur, Alex Kyle, Phyllis Culbert, Willie Burns, Peggy Burns, Mrs Kyle.  Front:  W Mitchell, Mrs Haimes, Mr Moncur, Mrs Mitchell, Kate Gairns.

Tayside Hotel.  L to R:  Andy (Gus) Williamson, Nora (Mills) Williamson, Kate Gairns, May McLean.

Peter Cameron and David Stein at Perth Ice Rink (there are similar photos on the Manse Crescent page of the website.