Stanley People Photos 55

  Picture 1 - 1940's (thanks to Brian Blair for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 10th October 2007

  Picture 3 - 2007

  Picture 4 - 1965 (thanks to Margaret Millar for this photo)

 Back Row    L to R:  Maurice Anderson, George May, Ally Anderson, Brian Taylor, Ian Wann, Ron Anderson.  Front:  John Langlands, Rab Jeffrey, Stan Wilson (Scoutmaster), Stan Dixon, Sid Bendall.   This photo taken just by Taymount.  Brian Blair who sent this photo in, said he too was in the Scouts, but is not in the photo because he was delayed getting to the camp due to delivering P D Smith's messages.

This photograph taken in  Deal Masonic Temple on the 10th October 2007 on the occasion of Gordon Howie's installation as Worshipful Master of Lodge 4657 (Globe & Laurel,  Deal, Kent). (Another photo is displayed within Lodge photos page 12 number 4).

This photo taken at a Glasgow Rangers Football Club rally in Plymouth, Devon and you may be wondering about the Stanley connection here but on the left is John Smeaton QGM (Queen's Gallantry Medal) the baggage handler hero of the Glasgow Airport drama who attacked the terrorists attempting to blow up the crowded passenger terminal on the 30th June 2007 and later announced  “Don’t come to Glasgow! .. cos we'll set aboot you!”) and Wullie Semple, who now lives in Stanley Mill.  John said he had met the Queen and the Prime Minister but...... the biggest honour was meeting someone who now lives in Stanley............Wullie Semple.  (Thanks to Peter Cameron for the photo and narrative).

Jane and Bert Slessor celebrate their Diamond Wedding.  They were married in the Laidlaw Hotel Perth on 4th June 1905. (There is a Golden Wedding photo on the Mill Street page).