Stanley People Photos 54

  Picture 1 - 1993  (thanks to Rene Coghlan)  for this  photo)

  Picture 2 - 1960's (thanks to Ian Forbes for these three photos)

 Picture 3 - 1960's

 Picture 4 - 1960's

 Rene Coghlan (nee O'Brien) pictured with Amy McPherson (nee Donaldson) in Perth WA.  This photo was taken in 1993 when Rene was visiting her brother Geordie there.  Amy emigrated to Australia in 1972 and died there on the 5th December 2004 aged 90.

Back:  Sandie Wells, Ian Wells, Dod Jolly.  Front:  Moira McDonald, Joyce Buchan & Phyllis Morton.

Ian Forbes & Joyce Buchan.

Margaret Blake and Helen Runciman.