Stanley People Photos 40

  Picture 1 - thanks to Margaret Kay for this one)

  Picture 2 - 100th Birthday

  Picture 3 - Wilks Bros Dance around 1960/70's

  Picture 4 - 1950's (thanks to Glen Dow for this one)

 Fancy Dress in the Square.

Mrs Smith of St Johns house Stanley who had the Bakery and Grocers business for many years celebrates her 100th birthday with her niece Maggie Dawson and friends.  Councillor Bob Scott (late of Stanley) is making a presentation. Back:  ??, Mrs Murdoch, Sandra Whyte, Violet Cummings, Stan Whyte, Rev ??.  Front:  Maggie Dawson, Mrs Smith, Bob Scott.

Wilks Bros dance around 1960/70's.

Back  L to R: Jim Bendall, Reg Bendall, Smiler Petrie, Alma Petrie. Middle:  George Stewart, Stuart Dow, Sam Duff.  Front:  Alex Pratt, Alex Wells, Gibb Petrie. (At first I thought this was a Rifle Club photo but have since been informed this was an annual bus trip and you can see Alex Wells has the bus drivers badge registration on his left lapel).