Stanley People Photos 36

  Picture 1 - 1989

  Picture 2 - 1968 (thanks to Ian Wells for this photo)

  Picture 3 - 1961  (thanks to Joyce Buchan for this photo)

  Picture 4 - 1951

 Some familiar faces here at Bob and Annabel Gannon's Silver Wedding party.

L to R Elma Bruce, Nan Tait, Jimmy Donaldson, Edna & Ron Gourlay, Kenny & Irene Gourlay & Ian Wells.  21st Birthday Party Essendy House Hotel.

Stanley Youth Club in concert at the City Hall Perth.  Back row:  Moira McDonald, Garry Smith, Joyce Buchan, Ian Fraser, Vernetta Strickland, Sandy Scrimgeour, Donna Farquharson.  Front:  Miriam Davidson, Jimmy Donaldson, Pauline Mitchell.

Yvonne Robertson's birthday party in Station Road.  Back:  Margaret Merchant, Maureen West, Frances Donaldson.  Next row:  Lorna West, Alma Donaldson, Neil Donaldson.  Next row:  Lesley Donaldson, Sandra West, Jimmy Donaldson, David Green.  Birthday girl Yvonne in the front.