Stanley People Photos 34

  Picture 1 - 1950's  (thanks to Ivan Haggart for

  Picture 2 - 1950's      these 3 photos)

  Picture 3 - 2006

  Picture 4 - 1990 (thanks to Charlie Eagleton for this photo)

L to R:  Hamish Haggart, Ivan Haggart, ??, Sandy Wann.

Ivan can't remember all the names but in the back row is Ian Harrington, Lawrence Smith, Gus Williamson, David O'Brien, Sam Duff, Ronnie Smith, Peter Grant McLaren and Eck O'Brien.  Front Row Billy Smith, Esma Haggart, Irene  Phillips, Edna Anderson, Margaret Blake.  (Can anyone sort the names out please?)

Ivan Haggart celebrates his 68th birthday in August 2006. 

Stanley Beavers sponsor a penguin at Edinburgh Zoo in 1990. Well done lads!