Stanley People Photos 31

  Picture 1 - 1950's     (thanks to Dave O'Brien for

  Picture 2 - 1959                these 4 photos)

  Picture 3 - 1959

  Picture 4 - 1959(?)

 L to R:  Margaret Fotheringham, Marion Williamson, Jim Whytock, Anne (Nan) Williamson and Mary Cura.

L to R:  Jack McNaughton, Bicket Smith, ??, Dave O'Brien  and Dave McPherson on a trip to Aberdeen around 1959.

Back.  L to R:  Fred Brodie, Rollo McIntosh, Peter Panton, Gudge MacDonald.  Front:  Bill Morton and Dave O'Brien on a trip to Hazelhead Aberdeen around 1959.

L to R:  Alex Baird, Eck O'Brien, Rab Jeffrey, Dave O'Brien and Jimmy Goodall.