Stanley People Photos 28

  Picture 1 - Royal visit (thanks to Kate Gairns for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1930's (thanks to Gar Smith for this photo) 

  Picture 3 - Burns Supper   (thanks to Margaret Reiche for

  Picture 4 - 7 Star Band               these two photos)

 Dougie Stewart hasn't forgotten his military training as he "chops one off" for Prince Charles during his visit to Stanley. Also in the photo is Alan Gairns, Mr MacAlose and Johnnie Stewart.

Jimmy Smith's Bakehouse in Charlotte Street.  Norrie Ritchie (foreman) Andy Mitchell (apprentice), Tot Smith (baker) & Bert Robb (van man) Bert was born in  Yew Cottage in Russell Street - thanks for that info from Jimmy Culbert who was his nephew . At the time this photo was taken the village had  two shoemakers two tailors and two bakehouses.  

Andy Stewart entertains old Nurse Robertson or is it the other way about?

The 7 Star Band.  L to R:   Blanche Graham, Mina Menzies, ??, ??, Louis Smith (Drummer), James Burns, Jack Ewan, Margaret Dickson.