Stanley People Photos 27

  Picture 1 - Ted the Milkman retires

 Picture 2 - Nurse Robertson at 100     (thanks to Margaret Reiche

  Picture 3 - Nurse Robertson at 100            for these 4 photos)

  Picture 4 - Nurse Robertson at 100

A weel kent face in the village - Mr Edward (Ted) Stewart the Co-op Milkman - retires after 23 years service is given a presentation by Nurse Robertson (who was 99 years old at the time) . Who remembers the wee bottles of Suki Suki Suncap orange with the bits floating in it that Ted sold?  Others in the picture are Mrs Scott, Mrs I Ford Mrs C Williamson, Mrs S Ross, Aileen Gannon, Mrs K Gairns, Mrs A Gannon,??, ??, ??,  Mrs Nell Robertson, Mrs C Brindle.

Nurse Robertson being congratulated by Doctor Owen (Paddy) McDonough and the Reverend Iain D Reid on her 100th birthday in 1971 (see also newspaper cutting on main photo page).

Nurse Robertson's 100th birthday celebrations with her family.  Back L to R:  Mr J Burns, Mrs M Burns, Mrs R Robertson, Mr A Robertson, Mrs L Johnston, Mrs C Dickson.  Front:  Mr P Robertson, Nurse Robertson, ??, Mrs J Havelock-Tidy

Villagers at Nurse Robertson's 100th birthday celebrations.