Stanley People Photos 23

Picture 1 - At the berries (thanks to Rhoda Duncanson for this photo)

Picture 2 - Curries Horse

Picture 3 - 1960's  (thanks to George O'Brien for these 2 photos)

  Picture 4 - 1960's  

At the berries.  Back  L to R: Bob Robertson, Elma & Thelma Duncanson, Ellen & Malcolm Pratt.  Front:  Alex & Rhoda Duncanson

A familiar sight in the village a few years ago - Curries horse Danny and the original milk cart.  (I've been after a photo of this for ages and had to wait until Dave O'Brien brought it over from Canada).

Dave McPherson, George O'Brien & Mac McPherson taken in Sydney

Mac McPherson, a relative of Jim McMorran & Dave McPherson in the garden at 8 Perth Road, Stanley.